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LLC "LEASING INVEST" was founded in 2004 as one of the leading enterprises in the industrial processing of the glass in Ukraine and abroad. The activities are focused on the formation of new directions in the processing, continuous improvement of production and technical base, the development of innovative solutions in glass processing based on a combination of modern technologies.

The Company’s products




Large size silver


Solar control

glass with the soft coating


glass with the soft coating

Laminated glass


Produced format

min 2550x1605 mm,

max 3210x2250 mm

 min 2550x1605 mm,

max 3210x2250 mm

 min 250x250 mm,

max 3210x2250 mm


The range of


 from 3 - 6 mm from 4 - 6 mm from 3.3.1 before  8.8.10 mm

- perfect reflection of the quality;

- clear silver color; 

- not faded and doesn't form spots;

- Pb is not an integral part;

- 2 layers of the protective layer;

- protective layer copper/cooper les base;

- resistance to moisture,oxidation,temperature changings,cosmetic aerosols;

- quality range corresponds to GOST 17716-91 

- modern beautiful shades with different mirroring range ;

- high color rendering index;

- rational range of energy resources;

- types of solar glass shades to be tempered, as well as using in triplex;

- energy saving on air- conditioning of the room;

- in a cold season of the year, the usage of multifunctional glass reduces the heat loss by 78% in comparison with standard glass;

- it pays for itself within 1.5-2 years;


- it has a sound-proof capabilities;

- shock performance property;

- construction triplex prevents penetration into the room and easy grating replacement ;

- can be the perfect decorative material;


The company also has the opportunity to offer:

  • decorative glass with color printing, manufactured on an industrial digital printer, with high quality ceramic ink, which is an innovative solution that allows you to create perfect interior design.

Technical capabilities:

  • the maximum size of the produced glass 2440 X 3700 mm;
  • the minimum size of produced glass 250 X 100 mm;
  • a range of glass thicknesses is of 4 - 12 mm;
  • 720 dpi print resolution with extremely accurate dot placement.

The advantages of digital color printing on the glass:

  • wide color palette - based on six basic colors;
  • thanks to the tempering process, the glass takes all the advantages of tempered glass;
  • glass has high strength, is resistant to any mechanical damage, UV stable (does not burn) and is not subjected to the aggressive reaction medium (precipitation chemicals);
  • high precision, versatile printing process and the possibility to use inks with special functions allows you to manage multiple factors of productivity, including: light scattering, light transmission, Energy Efficiency and solar control.

Safety tempered flat glass, thanks to the established in the enterprise equipment for precision glass cutting, various glass processing edges, drill holes of any diameter, screen printing application, the application of which is an indispensable material:

  • the construction glazing of high-rise buildings, offices and banks, skylights, greenhouses;
  • subway carriages, passenger trains, trams, public transport stops glazing;
  • the production of home appliances parts (glass shelves for refrigerators and ovens);
  • the manufacture of glass products, including articles of furniture (glass shelves, glass partitions, glass showers, glass interior doors, windows, shelves, glass countertops, tables, bar counters, splash backs, glass stairs, etc. );
  • the manufacture of high-strength double-glazed windows, the external illuminated signs and billboards;
  • the manufacture of decorative glass with color digital printing, with print resolution of 720 dpi (facades, balconies, fences, cards, signs, advertising, information signs, decoration of walls, ceiling, floor, splash backs, closets, etc. d.).

Bend tempered glass - a product that is widely used in the production of art works, decorative elements, complex facade structures (glass transitions, bridges, towers, etc.), furniture, manufacturing and trading of refrigeration equipment.


  • the range of glass thicknesses of 4 - 12 mm;
  • the maximum size of the glass 2440 (width) x 1000 mm (bend side);
  • the minimum size 200 x 400 mm glass (bend side);
  • minimum bending radius: 450 mm (at a thickness of 5 to 6 mm), 600 mm (at a thickness of 4 mm) 1000 mm (at a thickness of 8, 10, 12 mm);


Having a complete technological cycle of the glass processing, advanced logistics system and its own storage facilities enables us to flexibly and efficiently meet the needs of our customers by offering them a range of products and high quality services. LLC "Leasing Invest" is a reliable business partner in the market of glass products in Ukraine and abroad, and is ready to implement projects of any complexity!


Wish to buy a glass in Ukraine with delivery or you have any questions, please contact us at the following phones for consultation:

+38 (050) 053-34-63

+38 (098) 184-84-00

 +38 (098) 185-00-70

+38 (067) 233-53-80 (Kiev)

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