Glass tempering

glass tempering

Our company has the opportunity to offer you services for tempering of tolling glass (Your glass) with the next order processing algorithm - unloading - washing - tempering - packing - loading onto the customer's car. The price for this operation is calculated individually depending on the thickness of the product.








Glass tempering


The technical capabilities of tempered glass production:

  • maximum glass size 4200 х 2440 mm;
  • minimum glass size 100 х 250 mm;
  • glass thickness 4-19 mm.             


The spectrum of our working:

  •  glass cutting in size, including according to individual customers' orders;
  •  figured and inline glass edges processing (blunting, grinding, polishing);
  •  drilling the holes in the glass with a diameter of 4 to 220 mm;
  •  glass with sandblast cleaning;
  •  silk-screen printing on the glass;
  •  digital mono or full-color printing on the glass;
  •  digital  printing on the glass..


Tempered glass is an indispensable material:

  • glazing in construction with high-rise buildings, offices and banks, skylights, greenhouses;
  • metro carriages, passenger trains, trams;
  • glazing of passenger transport stops;
  • all types of passenger and freight road transport, harvesting, etc. with / agricultural machinery;
  • the manufacture of parts of household appliances;
  • the manufacture of products made of glass (glass partitions, glass showers, glass interior doors, windows, shelves, glass countertops, tables, bar counters, splash backs, glass steps);
  • the manufacture of high-strength double-glazed windows, the external illuminated signs and billboards.



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