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Multifunctional glass appeared recently, but has already been able to win the favor of consumers. Multifunctional glass - is the newest product in the segment of glass constructions for fencing. Currently, such a high-tech product is widely distributed. Note that this popularity has come previously to the type of energy-saving glass. There are notable differences between these two modifications.

Multifunctional glass is the newest product in the segment of translucent structures for fencing. Currently, this high-tech product is widely distributed. Note that this popularity has previously come to the energy-saving type of the glass. Between these two modifications there are tangible differences.

In recent years, modern architecture has taken the direction to use in the construction of a huge number of new solutions using different types of the glass.

The new line  allows to produce not only energy-saving and sun-protective glass (reflex), each of which has its own peculiarity and versatility, and carries only a certain functionality of the product, which in turn limits application. When combining the applied layers on the surface of the produced glass, it is possible to obtain a glass with a soft coating which combines not only the low-emission properties of glass but also has a modern aesthetic look of the reflex glass.

An innovative and technically verified solution for effective maintenance of an optimum microclimate in the room will be possible within the multifunctional glass. It works on the principle of a thermal mirror, which successfully reflects the heat rays in both directions: the window not only retains heat in winter, but also prevents excessive heating in a summer heat. This provides an increased level of comfort at any time of the year and helps to save considerably on expensive energy carriers for heating or cooling in apartment or in a house.

Also, an additional advantage of the glass is the complete combination of the color characteristics of the reflex and multifunctional glass.


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The composition of the multifunctional glass

The structure of the multifunctional glass included layer of silver. Its thickness was chosen carefully a team of qualified professionals to obtain maximum transparency in the result. When using this type of glass there is overlap maximum heat range. Innovative type of the glass can easily store warm in a room in winter, and not delay its flow from the street, in the summer heat. Glazing of this type will serve you for at least two decades. Multifunctional glazing, which is offered by our company, has uncompromising quality.

On the sunny side of the thermometer of the double-chamber glass unit, which is characterized by increased energy-saving settings, will show, for example, 35 degrees Celsius, while the mark for multifunction thermometer closer to just of 25 degrees Celsius. This difference is quite noticeable.

Advantages of multifunctional glass:

  • protection of the premises in summer from overheating;
  • preservation of heat in the winter inside the room;
  • maintaining the maximum level of natural light;
  • strength and resistance to mechanical damage;
  • lightweight mirror effect reduces the level of visibility of the room from the outside;
  • reduction of expenses for payment for energy consumed by heating and conditioning equipment;
  • possibility of lamination, cutting, hardening, heat treatment of glass.



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