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купить душевую кабинку УкраинаGlass shower doors are gaining in popularity due to its practicality, reliability and individual approach to the production structure. Glass shower doors are made to order on the necessary size of the customer from the tempered glass with thickness of 8-10 mm that ensures absolute safety of the structure. Glass shower doors can fit in any interior thanks to a variety of options for decorating the glass cloth. One of the newest methods of glass decoration is a digital ceramic ink printing, which has no analogues in Ukraine, which makes it possible to create an exclusive design of your interior.








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There are a lot of modifications of shower cabins, but all of them, depending on the design, are divided into two main types:

Corner open showers

Partially enclosing the shower zone, and the inner wall is tiled. This type of shower enclosure can be installed in the wall opening to save space in the bathroom.

открытая душевая кабинка

Corner covered shower cabins

Such cabs are closed around the perimeter and have a cover on top, and also often equipped with electronics.

закрытая душевая кабинка

Types of door opening:

  • a swinging door (allows you to open the door to yourself or from yourself);
  • sliding door (opens to the left or right along the fixed rails);


With the help of decoration and tempering glass, you can significantly diversify the appearance of shower cabins. The most popular solution is the use of stained glass decorated glass. Two main decorating techniques are applied:

Sandblasting - under the influence of an abrasive sand-air mixture, the glass becomes opaque, both partially and completely.

пескоструйная обработка

Digital printing on glass - a high-resolution image is applied to the glass with the help of ceramic paints, the subject of images can be any and limited only by your imagination.

кабинка с фотопечатью


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