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LLC “LEASING INVEST” is the one of the leading enterprises of industrial glass processing in Ukraine and abroad. The activity of the enterprise is aimed at forming new directions in processing, constant improvement of the infrastructure, development of innovative solutions in glass processing on the basis of a combination of high-quality equipment and modern technologies.

Our company has the opportunity to offer you the following types of products:

Large silver mirror, produced on the mirror line by German company “KLÖPPER Maschinentechnik GmbH & CO. KG” production, using environmentally friendly materials (electrolytic silver deposition on the glass with copper and copper-free protective layer), with a capacity of up to 1.5 mln.m2 per year;

Energy-saving glass (low-emissivity glass with soft coating) “Comfort Plus”, manufactured on the equipment by German company “VON ARDENNE”, using the technology of applying the finest layers of metal oxides to the glass sheets in conditions of deep vacuum, the capacity of the line is 4 mln.m2 per year;

Solar-control glass with soft coating "Reflection blue", "Reflect bronze", "Reflex graphite", "Reflection green", produced on the equipment by German company "VON ARDENNE", the use of which provides effective protection against the sun, while reducing costs on the air conditioning in the room;

Multifunctional glass, produced on the equipment by German company "VON ARDENNE", using a special technology of the silver deposition and other metals;

Decorative glass with color digital printing, produced on the industrial digital printer “GlassJet PROTM” by Israeli company “DIP-Tech”, using high-quality ceramic ink, which is an innovative solution that allows creating an impeccable design interior;

Flat safety tempered glass, heat-treated on the horizontal tempering line by company «TAMGLASS» production, thanks to the equipment installed at the enterprise for precise glass cutting by company «Modulinea» production, for processing the glass edge by company «VICTRALUX», «GLASTON HiYon 8» and «MV- 3 ", for washing the glass on the washing and drying machine" SP-LE 2500 "and" WD 1300 SHINYGO ", for holes drilling of any diameters on the drilling and milling machine" FORVET FRANCESCA FC 16M 1600 Mill ", the use of which gives unlimited possibilities to use it both in building industry, automobile and mechanical engineering, and for design of internal buildings architecture;

Bent tempered glass - produced on the horizontal tempering line, model AC-12V4210R, by company "Shanghai North Glass Technology Industrial CO" production;

Laminated glass - produced on the production line of the triplex by “Bystronic” company production, with the use of high-quality special films on various glass thicknesses;

Lacquer coating glass"Skinali Glass"(black RAL 9005, white RAL 9003, beige RAL 1015, cream RAL 1013, brown RAL 1236 and 8017, grey RAL 9006, “White Matte”).This product is used as a wall cladding in the interiors of commercial buildings (offices, restaurants, shops) and accommodation (kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.). When decorating furniture elements (wardrobes, swinging, sliding or conventional doors, shelves, elements of display stands). Having a wide variety of colors and shades, as well as the possibility of manual or automatic cutting, this glass enables the creation of various mosaic and other architectural compositions;

Flat safety tempered glasswith silk-screen printing, produced on the automated silk - screen printing line by “Eurotech Way srl.” company production, using the high-quality paints of various colors, corresponding to the RAL table, thanks to the use of various processing technologies, the use of glass presents almost unlimited possibilities in interior design, the capacity of the line, depending on the size of 160.000 m2 to 780.000 m2 per year.


LLC "LEASING INVEST" renders the following range of services:

• Glass cutting by size, incl. individual orders of consumers;

• Figured and linear processing of the glass edges (root face, polishing, European edge polishing);

• Glass holes drilling Ø from 4 to 220 mm;

• Silk-screen printing on glass.


Tempered glass is an indispensable material:

• In the construction of high-rise buildings, offices and banks, skylights, greenhouses;

• In the glazing of the subway cars, passenger trains, trams, passenger transport stops;

• All types of passenger and freight motor vehicles, combines and other agricultural machines;

• In the manufacture of parts of household appliances (glass shelves for refrigerators and ovens);

• In the manufacture of glass products, including furniture products (glass shelves, glass partitions, glass shower cabins, glass interior doors, showcases, shelves, glass countertops, tables, bar counters, splash backs, glass steps, etc.);

• In the manufacture of high-strength double-glazed windows, external light boards and billboards;

• In the manufacture of decorative glass with color digital printing, with a print resolution of 720 dots per inch (facades, balconies, fences, maps, signs, advertising, stairs, awnings, canopies, partition walls, shower cabins, sliding doors, paintings, Portraits, office signs, information signs, decoration of walls, ceiling, floor, splash backs, wardrobes, countertops).


The presence of a full cycle of the glass processing, developed logistics system and own warehouses allows us to offer our customers a whole range of products and services of high quality. The product is fully certified by the manufacturer and meets all necessary standards.

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists and innovators, experienced engineering and the latest equipment allows us quickly and confidently find a mutually beneficial approach for the customer, develop solutions from the glass for any applications.






With respect and hope for mutually beneficial cooperation,


Director of the  LLC “LEASING INVEST”  - Rybalkin S.A.


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