Solar control glass

reflect bronzeSolar control glass (reflex glass) with a soft covering Reflect blue (blue), Reflect bronze (bronze), Reflect green (green), Reflect Graphite (Grey) (TU U 26.1-31380846-004:2008) has the ability to reduce the amount of solar light and thermal energy, and also has a decorative effect. In areas with glazing made of solar glass is not hot in summer, dropping "blinding" effect of sunshine, temperature changes are reduced (day / night). Solar control glass is used in the composition of glass for glazing residential and commercial buildings.

The main functions of solar control glass: solar radiation protection in the hot season. Reflex glass (solar control glass) in composition of double glass has functions as: heat savings during the cold season, protection from sunlight during the hottest time of the year.

Flat glass with solar control soft coating has the following physical and technical characteristics:

  • flat color and a high index of transference of colors;
  • low coefficient of absorption of solar heat;
  • the possibility of the heat treatment - tempering, which makes this glass is not only solar control, but also safe.

The main property of the solar control glass with soft coating is the reflection or absorption of radiation from the sun, while reducing the cost of air conditioning in the room. Thanks to the solar control glass, it is not so sultry in the room in the room, contrast and brightness of the illuminated objects smaller.


Technical characteristics of the solar control glass:

Glass type


transmittance, %  







light, %  


heat transfer,

W/(м2 К)  


heat transfer,

м2 К/W 

 Glass side without coating Glass side with coating        
 REF Blue 45  45  12   11     43    
 REF Bronze 47  47 19  5     33    
REF Green 32    32   28  9     40    
 REF Grey 18  17.1  43.3  14.3     40    
 REF Grey 40 (T)   40.5   6.8   28.3      53  1.59 0.59 
 REF Grey 20 (T)   21.9   23.6   30.6       54   1.57 0.59 
 REF Bronze 40 (T)  41.9  14.2  21.5     44  1.58 0.59 
 REF Bluemedium 40 (T)   40.9   15.0  15.6       44     
 REF Blueviolet 40 (T)  42.6  12.0  17.2      45  1.62  0.59 
MF Grey    40.8     28.7  13.6   4.0    31 1.19 0.75 
 MF Bronze   40.3   16.0 27.6 4.0  44 1.18        0.77
 REF Bronze 28 (T)  28  18   31      54     

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The given characteristics on the heat-transfer resistance and the heat transfer coefficient are measured in a double-glazed unit with the formula:

4 MF Grey -14Ar-4M1-14Ar-4M1, 4 MF Bronze14Ar-4M1-14Ar-4M1,
4REF Bronze40(T)-14Ar-4M1-14Ar-4M1, 4REF Grey40(T)-14Ar-4M1-14Ar-4M1,
4REF Grey20(T)-14Ar-4M1-14Ar-4M1, , 4REF Blueviolet40(T)-14Ar-4M1-14Ar-4M1


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