Large size mirrors

Large size mirrors

Mirror - a reflection of our lives. The use of mirrors is boundless. Sheet mirror - an integral part of modern buildings, many fashion trends of interior styles. The presence of a mirror is capable to decorate any modern architectural structure - both outside and inside. Thanks to designer fantasies, use of mirrors is no longer limited to their traditional, utilitarian function, but acquires a new meaning, revealing their ability to enhance the illusion of space and light.

The mirrors produced on the line of the German company KLOPPER Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co.KG, a global leader in technology and production equipment for the manufacture of mirrors.

Mirrors are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and using environmentally friendly materials (by electrolytic deposition of silver on the glass), which allows customers not to worry about the environmental atmosphere of the room, where mirrors used and feel comfortable and perfectly.

The technical capabilities of the mirrors production:

  • format of the produced mirrors 3210 x 2250 mm, 2250 x 1605 mm;
  • the thickness of the mirrors is of 3 to 6 mm;
  • capacity of the flat mirrors production - 1.5 million meters per year.

During the manufacture of the mirrors high – quality float glass uses, which improves performance and ensures high aesthetic quality of the mirror surface.

Produced mirrors differ by the following characteristics:

  • metallic coating does not contain copper;
  • plumb is not a part of the protective ground;
  • durability and resistance to aggressive weather conditions (moisture, oxidation, temperature extremes);
  • resistance to derivatives of ammonia and components of cosmetic aerosols;
  • quality meets all requirements of the applicable standards.

Main technical characteristics of the solar control glass shown in Booklet (see below).

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LLC "LEASING INVEST" company has the opportunity to offer solar control glass with a soft coating Reflect blue (blue), Reflect bronze (bronze), Reflect green (green), Reflect graphite (grey)

(TU U 26.1-31380846-004: 2008).





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