A large sized  mirror is produced on the automatic line of the European leader in the field of technology and equipment. In our production, we use the latest technologies: electrolytic silver spraying method on the glass, as well as using environmentally friendly materials, which gives our customers the opportunity not to worry about the ecological environment of space, where the mirrors used and feel comfortable. Our technology eliminates the use of hazardous substances, including lead, and aims to increase the environmental safety of products not only during production but also in the further use of the product. Mirror coating on the silver base has two layers of protection that provides resistance to moisture, the perfect reflection of the quality and increases the life of the product.



Technical characteristics of the large-sized mirror on the silver base:

  • produced mirrors standard format- min. 2550 x 1605 mm ... max. 3210 x 2250 mm,
  • mirrors thickness can vary from 3 mm to 6 mm,
  • the protective layer can be in operation on the copper, and the copper-free base,
  • stability of products to aggressive weather conditions, such as moisture, oxidation, temperature changes,
  • stability to the components of cosmetic aerosols and ammonia derivatives ensures durability of the product,
  • quality level corresponds to GOST 17716-91 - state system of certification.

Bend glass

Specifications of the bended glass:

  • the range of glass thicknesses: heat treatment from 4 mm to 12 mm;
  • glass size: max. 2440 (width) x 1000 mm (bend side);

(The proposed optimal window size for the heat treatment is not more than 2 m2 at 4 mm);

  • minimum glass size: 200 x 400 mm (bend side)
  • the minimum bending radius is of 600 mm (glass thickness of 4 mm), 450 mm (glass thickness of 5.6 mm), 1000 mm (glass thickness 8, 10, 12 mm).

The film triplex produced by bonding with special polymer film (PBV) under pressure and high temperature. The initial use of glass plates: flat glass, tempered, reflex, tempered glass with silk-screen printing or ceramic photo printing. Bonding glass does not increase the mechanical strength of the glass, which compose the triplex, but formed by layers of the entire product as a whole increases resistance to breakage. Besides, the triplex relates to safe and glazing protecting group of the glass, since its destruction fragments do not scatter, and glued on the film.

Application in construction

Laminated glass (triplex) is a heavy-duty construction material with extensive possibilities for use. Boundaries and possibilities for its application are constantly expanding: it is not only glazing of building facades, but also using in the interior, the production of glass furniture, industrial and commercial building purpose. Triplex recommended for administrative buildings glazing, public and residential buildings, as well as transport, so, wherever there is a need to establish the safety of people's lives and protect material values. Produced laminated glass subjected to all sorts of tests and inspections: glass impact strength, penetration, light, humidity and heat, thermal shock and resistance to disintegration into fragments. High quality laminated glass meets the state standards GOST 17716-91 in Ukraine.



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